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Re: 3rd party network monitoring

  • From: Thomas Kuehling
  • Date: Wed Mar 05 04:52:45 2008

Am Dienstag, den 04.03.2008, 12:02 -0500 schrieb Darrell Hyde:
> In light of the recent major outages experienced by XO and Abovenet, I
> have become very interested in finding a 3rd party vendor to monitor the
> availability of my network from a variety of locations. 
> I've looked at keynote / redalert, but oddly enough they don't seem to
> be able to monitor simple ICMP round-trip times - they (or at least the
> sales folk that I've spoken with) insist on checking the status of a TCP
> port or the response time of a web server.

Keynote should be able to monitor simple icmp echo requests. Last time i
worked with their product, i was able either to monitor our network with
icmp echo requests or measure the performance of our web-farm with
special URLs.

Anyhow, as i grabbed for any provider for this case, keynote seems to be
the only good one with reliable values.

Thomas Kuehling

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