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Re: spammed by a hardware resale outfit...

  • From: Deepak Jain
  • Date: Mon Mar 03 15:42:03 2008

I like the idea for a page that recommends folk, but would suggest dating the comments (so that someone who *used* to be good doesn't have the same cachet as the person who got added yesterday). There'd also be the need to make sure, somehow, that recommendations were not (shall we say) motivated by something other than altruism.

There are lots of sites that do this... with various levels of "net-useful-data". Often free-for-all comments (well intentioned) tend to be spammed by equally well-intentioned marketing speak.

I'm thinking of places like WHT, but they may have changed since the last time I've viewed them.

I think a periodic (once per three-to-six months) message on nanog asking for pointers has served us all in the past (one person does it, so no one else feels the need to once its been summarized). Otherwise, isp-equipment is still around and has a pretty high signal ratio nowadays.