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Re: spammed by a hardware resale outfit...

  • From: Paul Vixie
  • Date: Mon Mar 03 12:03:20 2008

[email protected] ("Christopher Morrow") writes:

> I like the idea of a 'these guys were good to me' page, I'd be a
> little hesitant (yes, lame) to call out folks unless someone's ready
> to deal with the 1:1000 crazy that says someone on cluepon slandered
> them (libel? I always get them backwards).

agreed.  that's a dangerous path.

> Anyway, somewhat like the vixie personal-colo page, help for folks
> looking to complete a job (buy gear/services) seems like a good thing.

what makes <> possible is me.  i'm not
in the business myself but i know a lot about it and i'm very loud.  bad
guys cloaked as good guys mostly don't bother sending me an entry.  if i
had made this a wiki or otherwise public-editable device, it'd be useless.

that having been said, and even though the rate of change is very slow,
i hardly have time to edit this any more.  whose turn is it next?
Paul Vixie