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RE: Yahoo! Mail/Sys Admin

  • From: Graeme Fowler
  • Date: Wed Feb 27 19:42:24 2008

On Wed, 2008-02-27 at 14:03 -0800, chuck goolsbee wrote:
> I agree with Ray on this one... I'll gladly buy a sushi lunch for the 
> first real yahoo mail admin that ever appears in meatspace. I'm 
> convinced that there are no real humans working mail ops there.

Wearing my academic IT hat for a moment, a Real Person! (tm) appeared on
the HIED-EMAILADMIN list (hosted by earlier today, in answer to
a lot of talk about how bad things have got with Yahoo recently.

Out of politeness (since his email was obviously aimed at the list
membership, which isn't NANOG) I have asked if he minds my forwarding it
to other lists (well, I started with the [email protected] list, but
I'll work from there).

His title, not giving too much away, is:

Anti-Abuse Product Manager
Yahoo! Mail

And you may, or may not, find his details in the list archives of the
first list I mentioned above.

I hope someone finds my not mentioning this fruitful :)