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RE: YouTube IP Hijacking

  • From: Randy Epstein
  • Date: Tue Feb 26 06:51:10 2008

>>This isn't the answer.  If it were, there would be no car accidents, pilot
>>error caused plane crashes, etc.

> Probably the reason you dont need to have a pilot license...

Sorry, what?

> Dont get me wrong: I not the "Policy this/that" type but i think its a
> good idea to ensure that ppl who run "basic network infrastructure" have
> minimal clue of how to do this.

Do you really believe that LIRs should be administering tests before issuing
ASNs?  Should vendors do the same prior to selling their gear?  Take this
further, electric company should require its customers to take a test before
they are allowed to order service for fear they might electrocute themselves
or the water company fearing customers may drown?

> -- Arnd