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Re: BGP prefix filtering, how exactly? [Re: YouTube IP Hijacking]

  • From: Arnd Vehling
  • Date: Tue Feb 26 05:13:40 2008


> In a lot of this dialogue, many say, "you should prefix filter".
> However, I'm not seeing how an ISP could easily adopt such filtering.
> Let's consider the options:

>   a) only RIPE IRR uses a sensible security model [1], so if you use
>      others, basically anyone can add route objects to the registry.
>      How exactly would this model be useful?
> So, this is no excuse for not doing prefix filtering if you only do
> business in the RIPE region, but anywhere else the IRR data is pretty
> much useless, incorrect, or both.

this is all true and leads us to the question why ARIN, for example,

Actually i asking this myself for a couple of years. IMHO ARIN _should_
either improve their RR software or, better, use the RIPE DB software so
 ISPS can build prefix-filters for the ARIN region.

So: Why dont they do it?!!!