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RE: BGP prefix filtering, how exactly? [Re: YouTube IP Hijacking]

  • From: Randy Epstein
  • Date: Mon Feb 25 19:56:41 2008

Valdis wrote:

> He explicitly said "single-homed".  Of course, multi-homed requires
> different handling, because you may hear their other home announce them
> (although again, you probably shouldn't listen to *THAT* announcement
> either if *your* link to them is up).  And I posit that if you don't know 
> if your customer is single or multi-homed, you have *bigger* issues to
> deal with.

My bad, I misread his multi-homed comment.  From what I understand (and have
seen in practice) PCCW does not listen to their address space from their
peers no matter what the status of the connection to their customer is.  I
find this policy flat out flawed.