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RE: YouTube IP Hijacking

  • From: Paul Stewart
  • Date: Mon Feb 25 12:32:03 2008

The Site admin got back to me right away.... I jumped the gun slightly..

Anyways, a spammer had signed into that site previously with the same
username and posted lots of crap - when I signed up, those posts came
back online hence my panic....

Should be fine now - interesting site ;)


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DO NOT sign up at that site until the site admin fixes a major issue - I
thought it looked interesting but now I'm in an embarrassing situation.

I signed up like anyone would do and the moment I validated my email
address, postings started to showup under my account that are weeks old
- these postings are of "sexual nature" ... lovely....

Not impressed to say the least.... emailed the site admin asking
something be done...

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This is similar, and available for all regions/ASNs.

-- Jason

Paul Stewart wrote:
> Very nice.. is there an ARIN equal that anyone knows of OR can you use
> the RIPE one for ARIN registered space?
> Just curious.. thanks..
> Paul
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> -- Daniel Roesen <[email protected]> wrote:
>> On Sun, Feb 24, 2008 at 10:41:26PM +0000, Paul Ferguson wrote:
>>> The best you can _probably_ hope for is a opt-in mechanism in
>>> which you are alerted that prefixes you have "registered" with the
>>> aforementioned system are being originated by an ASN which is not
>>> authorized to originate them.
> Nice. :-)
> - ferg

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