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Re: ISP's who where affected by the misconfiguration: start using IRR and checking your BGP updates

  • From: sthaug
  • Date: Mon Feb 25 11:48:10 2008

> I've only dealt with a handful of the bigger networks, but every transit 
> BGP session I've ever been the customer role on has been filtered by the 
> provider.  From memory and in no particular order, that's UUNet, Level3, 
> Digex, Intermedia, Global Crossing, Genuity, Sprint,, Time 
> Warner, C&W, MCI, XO, Broadwing, and a few smaller ones nobody's likely to 
> have heard of.

There's at least one reasonably big transit provider that does *not*
do prefix filtering: TeliaSonera (AS 1299). They *do* perform as-path
filtering, but the effectiveness is disputable...

> As an ISP providing transit, all of our customers get prefix-filtered.

Same here.

Steinar Haug, Nethelp consulting, [email protected]