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Re: IPV4 as a Commodity for Profit

  • From: Stephen Sprunk
  • Date: Sun Feb 24 16:04:50 2008

Thus spake "Tom Vest" <[email protected]>
On Feb 23, 2008, at 1:54 PM, Stephen Sprunk wrote:
Rechecking my own post to PPML, 73 Xtra Large orgs held 79.28% of ARIN's address space as of May 07; my apology for a faulty memory, but it's not off by enough to invalidate the point.

The statistics came from ARIN Member Services in response to an email
inquiry. I don't believe they publish such things anywhere (other than what's in WHOIS), but you can verify yourself if you wish; they were quite willing to
give me any stats I asked for if they had the necessary data available.

Thanks for the information Stephen.
In order to be perfectly clear on how to interpret this, it would be good to know whether this sum includes the pre-ARIN delegations, or just reflects what has happened since ARIN was established.

The wording of the question and response referred only to "ARIN members". That does not include most orgs with _only_ legacy allocations, but it would include orgs with both legacy and non-legacy allocations. Presumably, if an org had both types, both would have been included, but that wasn't explicitly stated since it wasn't relevant to the questions I was asking at the time.

If you are interested in who those 73 Xtra Large orgs are, you can try asking ARIN. If that level of detail is covered by NDA, you can get a close approximation by mining WHOIS or BGP.


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