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Re: Deaggregation factor jump (Re: Weekly Routing Table Report)

  • From: Joel Jaeggli
  • Date: Sun Feb 24 15:43:21 2008

Geoff Huston wrote:
BGP routing table entries examined:                              246872
   Prefixes after maximum aggregation:                          124953
   Deaggregation factor:                                          1.98

Yow. Last week it was 1.96 and this constitutes a significant increase. Anybody have an idea of what happened?

Cox has jumped about 2k in the past month for me. If I could ever figure out what the OIDs are for BGP peers I would graph it.

Something is happening since the 21st of this month.

Check out the plot of BGP entries and ASes on the first page of Both the number of BGP advertisements and the number of ASes have increased noticeably in the past couple of days.

We need ~2500 prefixes a week in order to hit 500,000 routes in the dfz by this time in 2010 (for those of you working on your graph curve fitting exercises). I don't see people's perceived or real TE-needs or address exhaustion pressure lightening up in the immediately foreseeable future. The question of which provider it is this week is interesting but not actually germain to overall table growth.


Justin Shore wrote: