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IX port security

  • From: Greg VILLAIN
  • Date: Sat Feb 23 06:29:08 2008

Hi all,

Thinking back about this thread we've had lately around IXes, I have some extra questions.
It is I assume the IX's responsibility to protect members from harming each other through the peering LAN.
For that purpose, the IX has to do some minimum sanity checks before letting a member in into the production VLAN, for instance by using a quarantine VLAN to probe its traffic first.
Then, once those checks are done, the IX shall apply a minimum security configuration to each member port:
1/ limiting broadcast/unknown unicast on each member port
2/ filtering bpdu
3/ locking mac addresses

Here are my questions:
- re 1/, any clue about the PPS or %bandwidth values to be configured to limit broadcast/unknown unicast ?
- re 3/ should a certain number of allowed mac-addresses be configured to the port (1 or 2) ? or should the customer's port mac be explicitly configured on the port ?
- more importantly, is there any other standard precaution that I'm missing and that should be considered ?


Independant Network/Telco Architecture Consultant