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Re: IPV4 as a Commodity for Profit

  • From: Leo Vegoda
  • Date: Tue Feb 19 13:28:08 2008
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On 19/02/2008 09:57, "[email protected]" <[email protected]> wrote:


> Easily!? I'm not so sure that is a correct description of the process.
> Perhaps Leo Vegoda could comment on this point since he had more
> first hand involvement than I did.

On the whole, these assignments were for one or two /32s. They were unlikely
to be useful for anything else. The one network that renumbered didn't have
a problem finding a couple of spare /32s from their RIR space.

I think I would have seen significantly more difficulties if the assignments
had mostly been used or been for /24 or shorter prefixes.

The difficulty I experienced in reclaiming 14/8 was finding out who to
contact. Once I'd found someone who knew about the addresses there wasn't
really any resistance to returning them.

That being said, the process took about a year of calendar time, which is
more than I had expected. I have been looking at other /8s for about the
same time with less success.