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Re: IPV4 as a Commodity for Profit

  • From: David Conrad
  • Date: Tue Feb 19 11:09:32 2008


On Feb 19, 2008, at 12:22 AM, Per Heldal wrote:
A price-tag may create an incentive to sell, but doesn't create more units
or magically solve other problems (e.g. fragmentation).

It doesn't create more units, but it does increase the incentive to find ways to be more efficient in use. Does MIT really need a /8? Does InterOp? Does HP need 2 plus a bunch of /16s? Etc. In the extreme, does any reasonably sized organization really _need_ more than a few /32s (which could be allocated out of PA space thereby reducing fragmentation) for their NAT gateway and public facing servers? How many ISPs still allocate from a small set of fixed size block to customers regardless of what the customers actually _need_, simply because that's what their backend systems were written to do?

Many are those
who look forward to a v4 market. Not to invest in in, but because will
be the most powerful catalyst driving the transition to v6.

That's the optimistic view...