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Re: IPV4 as a Commodity for Profit

  • From: garrett . allen
  • Date: Tue Feb 19 08:03:23 2008

alternatively the economic incentive could be a dis-incentive.  although the "packet tax" never quite caught on perhaps an ip address tax would?
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From: Eliot Lear <[email protected]>

> Per Heldal wrote:
> > Growth is king, also in networking. How can a v4 market meet the demand
> > of an expanding global network beyond a short-lived gold-rush? A
> > price-tag may create an incentive to sell, but doesn't create more units
> > or magically solve other problems (e.g. fragmentation). Many are those
> > who look forward to a v4 market. Not to invest in in, but because will
> > be the most powerful catalyst driving the transition to v6.
> >
> I personally agree with all that you say, but it doesn't mean that a
> market isn't useful. In particular, can it be useful in a transition
> from IPv4 to IPv6 to those who are not in a position to easily move from
> one t o! ! the other? They would pay a premium to move based on scarcity
> already, but if there is no motivation to bring unused blocks into the
> market, then they won't show up. And that is sufficient motivation for
> a black market, a market that governments themselves couldn't play a
> constructive role in (buying OR selling).
> Eliot