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Re: Interpersonal skills needed for Network Engineers

  • From: R. Irving
  • Date: Sun Feb 17 18:28:31 2008

Henry Linneweh wrote:
Funny that this issue came up, I recently took a class in Interpersonal Communications,
which are essential in the "New Workforce", I highly recommend such classes to everyone,
makes life so much easier, since it impacts every aspect of how the world perceives you, and how
you foster perceptions and validate other people and their issues....
Yes, so much so, sycophants are as old as civilization itself. :-D

Yet, while anyone can learn a lesson and benefit from the ways of the courtesan, very few
-really- want to be one.... ;-)

Looking for tech's that are "person" people defies the root demographic profile. Person people
are extroverts, good technicians more often than not, are introverts. Seeking the
Courtesan with the genuine heart of gold, as it were, is not only one of the oldest failings,
but probably ranks among the most common... (At least in HR departments :-P ) .

I find staffing help desks with "person" people, and having them front and
buffer the -real- technicians in a team fashion, produces outstanding synergistic results...
compared to trying to make a round hole fit a square peg.

Of course, I wouldn't race my Blue Point hunting dog at a Florida race track, either.
I also have some doubts as to how well a Greyhound can hunt and track...

But, I have absolutely no doubt that both can learn from one another,
don't get me wrong. By all means, learn from the ways of the courtesan....

But, in the end, you must keep in mind which you -really- need, a courtesan,
or a technician ?