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Re: RE: Peering at Equinix Sanjose

  • From: ChiYoung Joung
  • Date: Fri Feb 15 06:39:09 2008

Title: Samsung Enterprise Portal mySingle
Very nice advice. thank you, Michael. I quite agree with you.


> integration of 5 domestic centers and 30 local POP across the country.

the country means Korea and Samsung Networks is an ISP who is based on South Korea.


I will revise peering request mail and send it other participants

and also will try to find more information in as Sargun's recommandation.


Best regards



 Chi-Young Joung


 Email: [email protected]

 Tel +82 70 7015 0623, Mobile +82 17 520 9193

 Fax +82 70 7016 0031




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Sender : [email protected]<[email protected]>
Date : 2008-02-15 19:53 (GMT+09:00)
Title : RE: Peering at Equinix Sanjose

First problem is the name Samsung. This sounds like an electronics
company, not an Internet Service Provider.

> integration of 5 domestic centers and 30 local POP across the country.

Second problem. It sounds like you only have 5 data centers and 30 PoPs
in the
USA. This is not very big.

I suspect that you were referring to a different country but the only
place in your
message where you give a clue to the identity of this country is here

>  Chi-Young Joung 
>  Email: [email protected]
>  Tel +82 70 7015 0623, Mobile +82 17 520 9193 
>  Fax +82 70 7016 0031

Some people are smart enough to translate +82 into Korea, but when you
are trying to sell something, such as a peering opportunity, you should
make sure that nothing can be misunderstood.

I suggest that you write a new letter. Start by telling people that
you are owned by one of Korea's major electronics companies, you also
operate a major network covering all of South Korea. And then ask them
for peering.

--Michael Dillon