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BGP TTL Security

  • From: Ben Butler
  • Date: Thu Feb 14 13:31:23 2008


I am trying to implement BGP TTL security between one of my routers and
an eBGP peer that  is one hop away over a layer 2 IX.

As soon as I add:

neighbor ttl-security hops 2
neighbor ttl-security hops 1

The peer drops to active/open sent with entries in syslog for hold time

I have validated via trace in both directions as being 1 hop.

I have read another article that implies the default behaviour at the
other end will to be send TTL 1 not 255 and consequently I need to
configure both ends to get the session to 
come back up.  An access list reveals all the packets I am receiving
have a TTL of 0.

The session re-establishes if I configure:

neighbor ttl-security hops >=192

<=191 and the session stays down.

Which is proper bizarre!

Is it necessary to configure this on both side for the session to
re-establish.  Is this a Cisco bug?

Kind Regards

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