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Re: IBM report reviews Internet crime

  • From: JC Dill
  • Date: Wed Feb 13 17:32:43 2008

Andre Gironda wrote:

It's our fault for not pushing AV on your customers, and it's the AV's
fault for not providing audit data to us, and it's the software
vendors' fault for causing us to have to recommend AV and for AV to
exist.  The liability should land on the software vendors.

I'm really surprised that ISPs haven't banded together to sue Microsoft for negligently selling and distributing an insecure OS that is an Attractive Nuisance - causing the ISPs (who don't own the OS infected computers) harm from the network traffic the infected OSs send, and causing them untold support dollars to handle the problem.

If every big ISP joined a class action lawsuit to force Microsoft to pay up for the time ISPs spend fixing viruses on Windows computer, Microsoft would get a LOT more proactive about solving this problem directly. The consumers have no redress against MS because of the EULA, but this doesn't extend to other computer owners (e.g. ISPs) who didn't agree to the EULA on the infected machine but who are impacted by the infection.