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Re: IBM report reviews Internet crime

  • From: J. Oquendo
  • Date: Tue Feb 12 15:24:32 2008

[email protected] wrote: (removed cc)

I was actually targeting this suggestion to those who
currently distribute Internet Explorer kits. So it was
more of a suggestion to not distribute the browser that is most vulnerable. And if you make installation of
Firefox a requirement to come out of quarantine, that
does not imply that people need to uninstall their other
browsers. This is to give them the experience of something
new knowing that a certain percentage will continue using
it and not be reinfected. And reducing reinfections cuts
your costs of detection and blocking compromised PCs.

Then what about antivirus and antispyware. Why should one be favored over the other. How many providers are suggesting this. It has an outside view of product favoritism. Perhaps the marketing teams could suggest a few free ones e.g. Avast, AVG, Adaware. There is the potential to clean up a lot of the trash that comes in and out of the network but then what, I could see ISPs' call centers screening "I just installed AVG but I can't get it to work". Same goes for Firefox or any other product. Do you then look to support these.

I agree wholeheartedly that ISP's should step up to the plate considering their own resources are being abused and have the potential for some serious damage (imagine 70% of Cox, Comcast, TW being botnets aimed at your network). Sadly, this will be argued for a few more posts then deemed offtopic to be re-argued and unevaluated in the future.

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