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Network Notifcation - SMS via Verizon

  • From: Gregory Boehnlein
  • Date: Fri Feb 08 21:15:12 2008

	We have been discussing adding a wireless SMS based option to our
TAP and SMTP delivery systems. We are running Nagios. In looking at the list
archives, I found the following thread:

Lots of great suggestions.. In looking at the options, it seems that Gnokii
seems to be a well used solution to integrate a GSM or GPRS based
phone/modem for text messaging.

However, I am trying to determine if anyone is doing this with Verizon right
now. Our existing Cell contract is w/ Verizon and so we want to avoid the
potential of lost SMS messages in hopping from say T-mobile or Cingular to

So.. anyone doing SMS notification to Verizon w/ a wireless GSM/GPRS or Cell
Phone solution? If so, you want to share how you are doing it?

Thanks in advance..