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Charter Communications/AS22291 peering issues

  • From: Kameron Gasso
  • Date: Wed Feb 06 16:48:01 2008

Anyone from Charter Communications NW (AS22291) on-list? Or, more specifically, someone who has access to the Medford, OR core?

You're advertising routes to us which have a nexthop set in RFC1918 address space -- which you're also advertising, but we're filtering. For the time being, I've added a permit statement to our prefix-lists to allow a small portion of this space that you're currently advertising, but this isn't really optimal and I'd like to bring it to someone's attention...

Our account rep has apparently disappeared recently, and your call center states that they know nothing about BGP -- and to contact our account rep. :)

Sorry for the spam to the list, but I've exhausted all other means of contact for getting this fixed...

Kameron Gasso | Senior Systems Administrator |
Direct: 541-955-6903 | Fax: 541-471-0821