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Re: Another cablecut - sri lanka to suez Re: Sicily to Egypt undersea cable disruption

  • From: George William Herbert
  • Date: Wed Feb 06 00:22:38 2008

>An interesting line from page 10 of the article:
>"Diversity is not needed in the deep ocean, but land crossings are 
>viewed as considerably more risky."
>This philosophy should probably be rethought somewhat, as we may have 
>discovered this past week.

All the recent cuts were littoral, near shore or shallow water.

Which is the historical pattern, by far.  Cables do go bad and are
damaged in the dark depths of the abysmal plains, but by and large
damage is near shore, due to people or shallow water related natural
effects (waves, underwater landslides, etc).

-george william herbert
[email protected]