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RE: Fourth cable damaged in Middle Eest (Qatar to UAE)

  • From: Sean Donelan
  • Date: Sun Feb 03 20:27:05 2008
DOHA (AFP) . An undersea telecoms cable linking Qatar to the United Arab Emirates was damaged, disrupting services, telecommunications provider Qtel said on Sunday, the latest such incident in less than a week.

The cable was damaged between the Qatari island of Haloul and the UAE island of Das on Friday, Qtel's head of communications Adel al Mutawa told AFP.

On Sun, 3 Feb 2008, Marcus H. Sachs wrote:

Sean, do you have any URLs with additional info on the new cut?  Questions
are being asked.


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Subject: Fourth cable damaged in Middle Eest (Qatar to UAE)

A fourth submarine cable in the middle east was damaged Sunday
between Haloul, Qatar and Das, United Arab Emirates.

This is in addition to the damage affecting FLAG, SAE-ME-WE4, FALCON

Afer reviewing surveillance video of the area, Egypt's ministry of
maritime transportation is reporting no ships were near the FLAG or
SAE-ME-WE4 cables 12-hours before or after the cable damage near
Alexanderia, Egypt.  The reason for outage of the cables has
not been identified yet.