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Re: v6 subnet size for DSL & leased line customers

  • From: Stephen Sprunk
  • Date: Wed Dec 26 00:19:02 2007

Thus spake <[email protected]>
In places where you need tighter control over the usage of various
gateways on a common L2 segment, VRRP probably makes more
sense.  However, as things currently stand, that means static routing
configuration on the host since for reasons passing understanding,
DHCP6 specifically won't do gateway assignment.

For those of us with lots of IPv4 customers dependent on DHCP, it would be good to know more detail about this point. What is the problem, and are there plans to do anything about it in DHCPv6?

For most hosts, there is no need for anything like VRRP or getting a default gateway via DHCP in v6 because all hosts are required to implement RA/RS. The vast majority of hosts either have one default gateway or two-plus equivalent ones, so that works fine. For hosts with multiple gateways that are unequal, VRRP+DHCP doesn't solve the problem any better than RA/RS; you have to fiddle with the hosts' routing tables to get things set up right.


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