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Re: looking for help for the statistics data on spoofing attack events on Internet

  • From: Paul Ferguson
  • Date: Tue Dec 25 23:01:58 2007

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- -- "yangyang. wang" <[email protected]> wrote:

>We have already found CAIDA's backscatter,  MIT's spoofer project. Spoofer
>project focuses on how much space in the Internet could be spoofable. It
>is very helpful for our experiment. But we also want to know how often the
>spoofing events(such spoofing IP attacks, spoofing route update) occurs,
>or the degree of their activity in real world. Monitoring the Internet
>widely is very difficult,so I hope to get some useful infomation by
>surveying the related statistical data and report from organization.
>currently, this way has no effective result.   

As one of the co-authors to RFC2827/BCP38, I certainly understand
your concerns.

Which is why I encourage anyone who is interested to put their
efforts into SAVA/SAVI work currently underway in the IETF.

[SAVA: Source Address Validation Architecture]

I personally think this is important work, but probably for different
reasons than most people. ;-)

- - ferg


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