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Re: v6 subnet size for DSL & leased line customers

  • From: Leigh Porter
  • Date: Tue Dec 25 19:09:10 2007

LOL.. Yeah, I am on call today - thankfully nothing happened. Anyway, I hope you had a peaceful day!


Crawford, Scott wrote:
Well, I guess he told you. :)

Merry Christmas

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Leigh Porter wrote:
Wow, is this what you folks do at Christmas ?

Clearly you yourself are affectionate about this thing called Christmas, if you are so affectionate about it, then why are you making silly comments which do not contribute at all to the topic at hand? Must be very boring that Christmas of yours.

On a more operational topic: even during Christmas (that Coca Cola induced commercialism party that gets attributed to some religion), people are using the Internet, and stuff breaks on the Internet, as such there will always be people who have to work on days like this.