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Re: /56 for home sites, /48 for business sites & billing considerations (Was: European ISP enables IPv6 for all?)

  • From: Mohacsi Janos
  • Date: Wed Dec 19 09:24:34 2007

On Wed, 19 Dec 2007, Jeroen Massar wrote:

Mohacsi Janos wrote:
In my opinion there is two type of users as usually ISP services are

1. Home user - not really interested in configuration of their devices -
they just want Internet (now IPv4, soon IPv4 and IPv6) connectivity:
They generaly don't use more than one LAN internally. All their devices
are connected either directly to ISP device or to the home-gateway
purchased at the cornet. In this case the /64 with autoconfiguration is
the best option. User don't have to configure anything (may be enabling
IPv6 on their computers).

This would force these places to: a) use bridging to get that single /64 onto their network thus making firewalling really difficult.

I am not quite sure. My colleague tested NetScreen box with /64 advertised from LNS. It seems to be working.

b) get a 'power users' abo, which would thus make people have
   to PAY for getting more IP addresses.

They aready do it. In Hungary, if you are home user you can have 1 single IPv4 address. If you are a business customer, then your can have an address space allocated from your provider. You pay more if you need bigger address block....

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