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Re: European ISP enables IPv6 for all?

  • From: Donald Stahl
  • Date: Tue Dec 18 08:58:02 2007

doesn't more address space just give us more routes to handle?

No. It only makes more possible prefixes. Migrating to IPv6 while keeping the current (IPv4) routing and current business relations, there would be somewhat less routes:

bigger address space -> bigger chunks -> less need to incrementally add
prefixes to the same place -> less prefixes

You mean "more address space" -> "individual businesses want to multihome and are willing to pay for their own space" -> more prefixes.
Every business that wants to multihome and can afford it already does. v6 isn't going to change that. v6 will allow more aggregation and a routing table closer in size to the number of AS's, which is a significant reduction. It should also reduce the problem of route churn and non-convergence. Whether everyone will play nicely and make it work is a different story.