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Re: FCC rules for backup power

  • From: Michael Loftis
  • Date: Sat Nov 17 00:06:37 2007

--On November 13, 2007 3:07:03 PM -0500 Sean Donelan <[email protected]> wrote:

Proposed new FCC rules for backup power sources for central offices, cell
sites, remote switches, digital loops, etc.  For the first time, the FCC
is considering specific backup power time requirements of 24 hours for
central offices and 8 hours for outside plant and cell sites.  Although
most carriers tended to follow old Bell System Practices for backup power,
BSP's weren't official regulations.

ISPs aren't specifically covered, but ....


If it makes Qwest put backup on the mini-DSLAM at my curb, good. I'm damn sick of losing access every time we have a power bump out here because they are too cheap to provide backup for anything except their CO out here.

However I do agree that the FCC is the wrong org to do it, because, as stated elsewhere, they don't have a clue about local regs/etc.