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Re: RIR filtering & Level3

  • From: Justin Shore
  • Date: Thu Nov 15 11:16:36 2007

Just to followup with the list, there was a small omission in the filtering of the routes on our peering session. That accounts for the more specific routes we were seeing. L3 made the filtering change on their side and we're back down to within a percent or less of our other BGP peers. It wasn't hurting us; our hardware isn't up against any resource limits; I just happened to notice it and thought I'd take the opportunity to inquire about RIR filtering with the group. Thanks for the quick work on this one, Roy and Kevin.

I am still interested in implementing some minimum allocation filtering on our borders. I can't think of any reason to accept anything below the minimum of a /24. Can anyone else? None of the DNS root servers are on anything smaller than a /24 are they? Does anyone have any suggestions for implementing this in a sane manner? I'm assuming matching ge 24 would be sufficient unless there are some exceptions like perhaps the root servers.


Justin Shore wrote:

Are any other L3 customers seeing the large number of /25 and smaller routes from L3?