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Re: Getting DSL at your datacenter for OOB

  • From: S. Ryan
  • Date: Thu Nov 08 10:25:59 2007

I don't understand why stand alone (naked) DSL is so hard to get in non-Qwest territory. Qwest will provision one no questions asked or needed.

Alex Pilosov wroteth on 11/7/2007 11:15 PM:
On Wed, 7 Nov 2007, David Ulevitch wrote:

We had a great experience doing this with at PAIX in Palo Alto
but have had no success at our other sites. ( isn't a national
DSL provider)

Has anyone found providers who can provision DSL circuits at: EQNX ASH,
the MMR at 111 8th, and the Westin in Seattle?  Speakeasy, after trying
valiantly, finally just gave up saying they just couldn't make it
It's not rocket science. You order POTS line from the LEC. Then you order
DSL from your favorite shared-line DSL provider on that POTS line.

Trying to get non-lineshared-dsl might be a challenge.

However, I recommend POTS + DSL, for additional OOB-ness, you can plug
your DSL modem into the OOB ethernet and your analog modem into OOB serial

fwiw, we are providing dsl to 111 8th MMR, the one running the free wifi
there :)

-alex [not posting as mlc anything]