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Re: monitoring tools

  • From: Phil Regnauld
  • Date: Wed Oct 31 17:53:21 2007

Bill Fenner (fenner) writes:
> On 10/30/07, Nesser, Phil <[email protected]> wrote:
> > 2.  Open Source Tools that you use or would recommend (I know the obvious smokeping, mrtg, nagios).
> I don't see netdisco mentioned in this space very much, but I
> recommend it for the "what is plugged into what" question - both in an
> enterprise environment ("where is this misbehaving MAC address?") and
> a data center ("which port was that server plugged into on the
> switch?").

	Some of the Metanav features actually do this, but yes 
	NetDisco is quite useful (especially its Perl modules are invaluable
	when doing configuration management across the bogos^H^Hvariety
	of Cisco equipment out there).