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Re: monitoring tools

  • From: Phil Regnauld
  • Date: Tue Oct 30 17:14:58 2007

Nesser, Phil (nesser) writes:
> It has been a while since I have had to seriously think about network/system/application monitoring and now I have got to look at it.  Can anyone point me towards:
> 1.  Serious documents on monitoring (i.e.  not vendor whitepapers)

	Hi Phil,

	There's lots of different papers out there -- define serious.
	Is an online column comparing monitoring systems serious enough ?
	What focus ?  Best practices ?  Agent vs SNMP based, etc...  Topics
	are varied.

> 2.  Open Source Tools that you use or would recommend (I know the obvious smokeping, mrtg, nagios).

	That can be a long thread as well...
	Nagios, OpenNMS, Zabbix, Hyperic, ZenOSS - for the application/
	service/server/network monitoring, and Cacti, Smokeping, NFsen
	for capacity/availability monitoring.

	We used Nagios and co. until a few years ago, when we figured it
	wouldn't scale for large networks.  Then we wrote our own :)