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Re: Any help for Yahoo! Mail arrogance?

  • From: chuck goolsbee
  • Date: Tue Oct 30 11:58:14 2007

believe me, if your user is jackass enough to click report spam on
email that comes through his .forward the complaints can go up real
high) .. is enough to get your IP blocked.

While there really should be some sort of particularly painful and embarrassing punishment for this sort of jackass** we just kill their .forward and try to clue-by-four them when they call. Sigh.

On a more relevant and operational sort of note, it sure would be nice if there were a NAMOG (North American Mail Operators Group) or the like to resolve these sorts of issues. Feel free to clue-by-four me if I've missed it.

--chuck goolsbee

**who seem to have all been drawn like moths to a flame into the companies my company has acquired over the years... as if to punish ME for some past transgression!