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Re: IPv6 firewall support

  • From: Mark Prior
  • Date: Sun Oct 28 23:36:00 2007

[email protected] wrote:

> I suspect that the people complaining about IPv6 support are 
> partially complaining because they have older hardware that 
> the vendor does not plan to upgrade to IPv6 support until 
> they have all features implemented in their newer products, 
> and partially complaining because their vendor has not 
> implemented some feature which they happen to use.

People who are complaining and have tried the platforms that claim to
support IPv6 generally find that feature parity with IPv4 doesn't exist,
which still makes it difficult to deploy. Vendors claiming IPv6 support
and systems actually providing an IPv6 based solution are two entirely
different beasts. If you need IPv6 then don't believe the vendor
propaganda, test the box and then prepare to complain to the vendor :)