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Re: Can P2P applications learn to play fair on networks?

  • From: Gregory Hicks
  • Date: Fri Oct 26 09:03:01 2007

> From: "Geo." <[email protected]>
> To: <[email protected]>
> Subject: Re: Can P2P applications learn to play fair on networks?
> Date: Fri, 26 Oct 2007 06:18:01 -0400
> > The problem is that ISPs work under the assumption that users only
> > use a certain percentage of their available bandwidth, while (some)  users 
> > work under the assumption that they get to use all their  available 
> > bandwidth 24/7 if they choose to do so.
> My home dsl is 6mb/384k, so what exactly is the true cost of a dedicated 
> 384K of bandwidth? I mean what you say would be true if we were talking 

Dunno, but I've got a 3m/384k line for about DSL business class for $105/month.  
Don't think I can do better pricewise, but...

> download but for most dsl up speed is so insignificant compared to downspeed 
> I have trouble believing that the true cost for 24x7 isn't being paid. It's 
> just that some of the cable services are offering more up speed (1mb plus) 
> and so are getting a disproportionate amount of fileshare upload traffic (if 
> a download takes X minutes more is upload by a source on a 1mb upload pipe 
> compared to a 384k upload pipe so the upload totals are greater for the 
> cable isp).
> Geo.
> George Roettger
> Netlink Services 

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