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Re: Can P2P applications learn to play fair on networks?

  • From: Mikael Abrahamsson
  • Date: Fri Oct 26 02:48:10 2007

On Fri, 26 Oct 2007, Sean Donelan wrote:

When 5% of the users don't play nicely with the rest of the 95% of the users; how can network operators manage the network so every user receives a fair share of the network capacity?

By making sure that the 5% of users upstream capacity doesn't cause the distribution and core to be full. If the 5% causes 90% of the traffic and at peak the core is 98% full, the 95% of the users that cause 10% of the traffic couldn't tell the different from if the core/distribution was only used at 10%.

If your access media doesn't support what's needed (it might be a shared media like cable) then your original bad engineering decision of choosing a shared media without fairness implemented from the beginning is something you have to live with, and you have to keep making bad decisions and implementations to patch what's already broken to begin with.

You can't rely on end user applications to play fair when it comes to ISP network being full, and if they don't play fair and it's filling up the end user access, then it's that single end user that gets affected by it, not their neighbors.

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