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"ARPANet Co-Founder Predicts An Internet Crisis" (slashdot)

  • From: Paul Vixie
  • Date: Thu Oct 25 16:53:15 2007

"Dr. Larry Roberts, co-founder of the ARPANET and inventor of packet
switching, predicts the Internet is headed for a major crisis in an article
published on the Internet Evolution web site today. Internet traffic is now
growing much more quickly than the rate at which router cost is decreasing,
Roberts says. At current growth levels, the cost of deploying Internet
capacity to handle new services like social networking, gaming, video, VOIP,
and digital entertainment will double every three years, he predicts, creating
an economic crisis. Of course, Roberts has an agenda. He's now CEO of Anagran
Inc., which makes a technology called flow-based routing that, Roberts claims,
will solve all of the world's routing problems in one go."