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Re: BitTorrent swarms have a deadly bite on broadband nets

  • From: Leigh Porter
  • Date: Thu Oct 25 04:14:01 2007

Iljitsch van Beijnum wrote:
> On 24-okt-2007, at 16:44, Rod Beck wrote:
>> The vast bulk of users have no idea how many bytes they consume each
>> month or the bytes generated by different applications. The schemes
>> being advocated in this discussion require that the end users be
>> Layer 3 engineers.
> Users more or less know what a gigabyte is, because when they download
> too many of them, it fills up their drive. If the limits are high
> enough that only actively using high-bandwidth apps has any danger of
> going over them, the people using those apps will find the time to
> educate themselves. It's not that hard: an hour of video conferencing
> (500 kbps) is 450 MB, downloading a gigabyte is.. 1 GB.

But then that same 1GB can be sent back up to P2P clients any multiple
of times. When this happens the customer no longer has any idea how much
data they transferred because "well I just left it on and.....".

Really, it shouldn't matter how much traffic a user generates/downloads
so long as QoS makes sure that people who want real stuff get it and are
not killed by the guy down the street seeding the latest Harry Potter
movie. If people are worried about transit and infrastructure costs then
again, implement QoS and fix the transit/infrastructure to use it.

That way you can limit your spending on transit for example to a fixed
amount and QoS will manage it for you.

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