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Re: Can P2P applications learn to play fair on networks?

  • From: Geo.
  • Date: Mon Oct 22 06:18:19 2007

One of the things to remember is that many customers are simply looking
for Internet access, but couldn't tell a megabit from a mackerel.

That may have been true 5 years ago, it's not true today. People learn.

Here's an interesting issue.  I recently learned that the local RR
affiliate has changed its service offerings.  They now offer 7M/512k resi
for $45/mo, or 14M/1M for $50/mo (or thereabouts, prices not exact).

Now, does anybody really think that the additional capacity that they're
offering for just a few bucks more is real, or are they just playing the
numbers for advertising purposes?

Windstream offers 6m/384k for $29.95 and 6m/768k for $100, does that answer your question? What is comcast's upspeed, is it this low or is comcast's real problem that they offer 1m or more of upspeed for too cheap a price? Hmmm.. perhaps it's not the customers who don't know a megabit from a mackerel but instead perhaps it's comcast who thinks customers are stupid and as a result they've ended up with the people who want upspeed?


George Roettger
Netlink Services