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p2p is no excuse - was: [Comcast blocking p2p uploads]

  • From: Peter Dambier
  • Date: Sun Oct 21 04:22:44 2007

I remember from the early days that ISPs meant the web to be just another kind of tv with you as a consumer and them as the provider.

They were happy to NAT and to change your IPv4 address so
you could not run servers for ftp or http. Some of them
even hand out rfc 1918 addresses ...

They were worried about VoIP and tried to stop it.

They are worried about everything new.

They think all users are children and try to block everything
that is not meant for the kindergarden.

UUCP is still there. With telefone flatrates I guess some
people have already built there own little internets.

A 14.4 modem can be as fast as 57.2 with big brother listening
at both ends. You need only half the hardware because you never
heard of CALEA and it is a problem of the phone company in the
first place.

I remember companies I worked for, who first moved from netware
to tcp/ip and then even started interconnecting. Only when
universities started connecting to us did we see the internet
and had to renumber of course. I remember how our /etc/hosts
was suddenly growing - no, we did not know DNS but some of
us used IEN116 clients and servers.

Ok - not all of them - only those who see all the money and
dont know how to provide.

The other side of the coin - a lot of people connected to us.
We never asked their names. They connected on weekends or
late at night. They rarely did big downloads, mostly uucp

And software was free.

Enough ranting.
Peter and Karin

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