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Re: Comcast blocking p2p uploads

  • From: Adrian Chadd
  • Date: Sun Oct 21 02:42:03 2007

On Sun, Oct 21, 2007, Joe Greco wrote:

> A third interesting thing was noted.  The Internet grows very fast. 
> While there's always someone visiting, as the number of other
> sites grew, there was a slow reduction in the overall cache hit rate over
> the years as users tended towards more diverse web sites.  This is the
> result of the ever-growing quantity of information out there on the
> Internet.

Then the content became very large and very static; and site owners
try very hard to maximise their data flows rather than making it easier
for people to cache it locally.

Might work in America and Europe. Developing nations hate it.

> I certainly think that P2P could be a PITA for network engineering.
> I simultaneously think that P2P is a fantastic technology from a showing-
> off-the-idea-behind-the-Internet viewpoint, and that in the end, the 
> Internet will need to be able to handle more applications like this, as 
> we see things like videophones etc. pop up.

P2P doesn't have to be a pain in the ass for network engineers. It just
means you have to re-think how you deliver data to your customers.
QoS was a similar headache and people adapted..

(QoS on cable networks? Not possible! anyone remember that?)