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Re: Comcast blocking p2p uploads

  • From: Sean Figgins
  • Date: Fri Oct 19 19:11:40 2007

Eric Spaeth wrote:

It's worth noting that the traffic Comcast is filtering is called out in their Terms of Use in the "PROHIBITED USES AND ACTIVITIES" section, paragraph xiv.

That section could be applied to every application that you would run on your computer that access the Internet. The "program, equipment or servers... that provide network content or any other services" clause is really quite laughable. Clearly, this would apply to every p2p application out there, but it would also apply to many other, such as video conference, net meeting, online games, remote access to your PC (VNC/RDP/goto-my-pc), AIM, IRC, etc. I'm sure it probably could be applied to every possible IP aware application.

Eric Spaeth wrote:

> With rate-shaping they would need to have the P2P identification widget
> in-line with the data path to be able to classify and mark traffic so
> that it can be queued/throttled appropriately.

The Sandvine, in particular, is designed to be placed in-line like this. It does, however, deploy a technology to shunt the traffic through the device in the event that the server craters. Many network devices do this now.


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