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Re: dns authority changes and lame servers

  • From: Jack Bates
  • Date: Thu Oct 18 18:05:43 2007

Justin Scott wrote:
We also have home-grown scripts that figure out whether a domain is
delegated to us or not and flag the ones that aren't.  In the case of
the free service we flag them for two weeks and if they still aren't
delegated to us after that period we disable them on the DNS servers but
leave the domain in their account.  In the case of the paid service we
make a note of the status in the database but do not make any changes to
the account (they're paying us, after all, to have it there).  We don't
do recursive lookups so it's not an issue (even though it's technically
an RFC violation, if I remember correctly).

We use home-grown scripts to follow the NS trail and verify that we are listed in some form or fashion. If we aren't, we handle the problem based on the criteria. If the domain is listed elsewhere, we immediately remove and notify. If the domain isn't listed in TLD, we notify yet hold the domain for I think 30 days before removing it; unless the status changes.