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Re: 240/4

  • From: Joe Greco
  • Date: Thu Oct 18 17:51:46 2007

> Joe,
> On Oct 18, 2007, at 8:49 AM, Joe Greco wrote:
> > The ROI on the move to v6 is immense compared to the ROI on the move
> > to v4-240+, which will surely only benefit a few.
> I am told by people who have inside knowledge that one of the issues  
> they are facing in deploying IPv6 is that an IPv6 stack + IPv4 stack  
> have a larger memory footprint that IPv4 alone in devices that have  
> essentially zero memory for code left (in fact, they're designed that  
> way).  Fixing devices so that they can accept 240/4 is a software fix  
> that can be done with a binary patch and no additional memory.  And  
> there are a _lot_ of these devices.

Sure, I agree there are.  How does that number compare to the number of
devices which can't or won't be upgraded to IPv4-240+?

... JG
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