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Re: 240/4

  • From: Alain Durand
  • Date: Thu Oct 18 17:13:10 2007

On 10/18/07 2:24 PM, "Joe Greco" <[email protected]> wrote:

> Actually, though, I have a better solution.  Let's ask the IETF to revise
> an RFC, and define the first octet of an IPv4 address as being from 0-
> 65535.  That's asking the IETF to revise an RFC, too, such request being
> just as practical as what you suggest, and yet I'd say that the overall
> solution is just as likely to work well as IPv4-240+.  It'd probably
> also solve the transition to IPv6 issue; we wouldn't need to.

Or simply ask IANA to open up 256/5. After all, this is just an entry in a
table, should be easy to do, especially if it is done on Apr 1st. ;-)

  - Alain.