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Re: more-specifics via IX

  • From: Stephen Wilcox
  • Date: Wed Oct 17 19:11:27 2007

On 15 Oct 2007, at 03:49, Iljitsch van Beijnum wrote:

On 15-okt-2007, at 7:09, Bradley Urberg Carlson wrote:

There is a customer's customer who is advertising more-specifics at the IX (and using a different source AS, to boot). I can think of a couple ways to prevent hearing these, but thought I should ask for suggestions first.

What exactly is the problem?

well.. the problem of course is that you pull in the traffic from the aggregate transit prefix which costs you $$$ but then you offload it to the customer via a peering link for which you are not being paid

its a pain but you cant stop the customer from doing it.. you can however filter your customers prefix at the IX (an ASN filter would be easiest)

if you think it is malicious, you may want to hit them with something official (IANAL)