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Re: How to Handle ISPs Who Turn a Blind Eye to Criminal Activity?

  • From: Mike Lewinski
  • Date: Sat Oct 13 21:17:58 2007

Florian Weimer wrote:

Anyway, if you've got a customer account that was created with a stolen
credit card, and you get complaints about activity on that account from
various parties, and you still don't act, this shows a rather
significant level of carelessness.  The other side of the story is that
it takes months to get local police to forward the criminal complaint to
state police, and state police to issue an order for seizure, even in
areas of Germany where I thought we had pretty good LE coverage.

We also can't discount the possibility the "unresponsive" ISP is cooperating (willfully or not) with a police sting operation and can't respond in any way at all, for fear of jeopardizing it.

Though I still say a year is likely too long.