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Re: How to Handle ISPs Who Turn a Blind Eye to Criminal Activity?

  • From: Mike Lewinski
  • Date: Fri Oct 12 17:52:52 2007

Paul Ferguson wrote:

So, back to my original question: If you alert an ISP that "bad and
possibly criminal" activity is taking place by one of their customer,
and they do not take corrective action (even after a year), what do
you do?

In at least one case, where I knew the offender had been booted off his last provider, I actually stalled disconnecting him for three months while I tried getting help from law enforcement. I felt we had a better chance of getting him permanently removed from the Internet by keeping him around long enough to get court orders to investigate his most likely illegal actions that were generating abuse reports. I started out with the feds, went on to the state and finally the local sheriff before giving up and just cutting him off for lack of any other hope.

But a year is too long. If it were impacting my network, I'd probably drop their routes (or blackhole the offending hosts anyway).